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Thank me for the nice pictures, Thank Mios for everything else.


Okay, many of you (wait, who am i talking to again?) know that there are about a few thousand sites out there (where?) with lyrics and translations that leech off each other. Since you’ve seen plenty of the same translations, you’ll probably miss our site somewhere out there (where again?) in the vast sea of copied translations.

So, we were thinking that, instead of continuing this as a translation site, we could make this into a fandubber’s guide. Now, that’s something you don’t see in vast thousands in the internet.

What we’re planning to do: We’ll leave the translations and everything there for reference. Then we’ll open up an entire section for our ‘fandubber guiding’. There, you will find, english versions of songs (the lyrics will be changed to english) and also a duet page for all those who want to sing duets with your friends. There’ll also be samples of videos, sung by YooNee’T’, and possibly, some tips on harmonising and whatnot (that, we have to count on Moo’s choir; she just joined so don’t expect much).

This plan is still raw and we’re unsure if we should really launch it. We’ll go on with our normal translations for now until we feel ready to start on this project.


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