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I have no idea why you want ME to translate/find lyrics for you when you can just ask someone more reliable. But by all means, okay.

Requests are FREE. And open. For now.

I will ONLY do:

  • Lyrics (by ear) for English and Japanese songs (unless I can find it somewhere else which makes no sense because you can just find it yourself :X)
  • Translation for Japanese songs.

If you want something else, go find someone else :/
To request:

  • Include your email. (Name or code name, if possible.)
  • The song title (and a working link to the song.)
  • If you are asking for a translation only, give me the romaji (if possible, kanji) AS WELL AS the song title and artist. And the link.
  • I will email you after you request it to tell you that I have seen your request and I will/will not be able to do it and the duration I would take. After I am done with it, I will email you again with the link.

Duration: Depends on how busy I am. It will be included in the email I will be sending.

Questions welcome.


For Kpop requests ,come to Zuruzy~

In case you were wondering:
1.Do I translate these lyrics/know Korean?
I do not translate these lyrics.
I find many different translations, pick the best, seperate them into sections, assign names to lines etc.
In other words, i am merely a compiler of these lyrics and translations.( Hey, i do a pretty good job at it too.XD)

2.So why should I go to you?
Great question. I do not have the answer. However, if you do like to see a certain kpop song, with its lyrics and translation together, feel free to request.(Its why I’m here anyways)
3. I am anti-SHINee/Shawol and i can’t stand people who love/like/fangirl/etc SHINee. Can i still request?
I don’t get why you would request from someone you hate, but sure^^. Zuruzy welcomes all~ ( Funny thing is, i became a Shawol without knowing i did)<– For more details on this messed-up story, feel free to ask.

How To Request:
1. email
2.State Song(Preferably with a link)
3. Due Date(Optional. Due to my busy(maybe) schedule,i may not stick to it)

1. COMMENT!! state what song you want and if i have time i WILL do it. ^^


  1. Chishiki permalink

    Good day!
    I’ve been looking for the translations of these songs but I can’t seem to find them..
    I hope you could translate them for me. Thank you so much! 🙂

    They are both from the anime Shaman King

    Title: Silent Weapon
    Singer: Asakura Yoh (C.V Satou Yuuko)

    This is the link to the lyrics

    and; here’s the song link

    and also

    Title: Sono Saki no Justice
    Singer: Iron Maiden Jeanne (C.V Horie Yui)


    song link


  2. hii…
    mios zuzury
    it’s my first visit, whoa so many song lyrics you have
    may be I will be back here again if I need some lyric
    anyway, I need plugged lyric form SHINee (album: amigo) wanna it so bad

  3. Azami permalink

    Hello! ^^

    Right now, I’m having a hard time translating this song, so, I’m asking for some help. May you please translate this song? Thanks! ^^

    Title: Yuugure, Hatsukoi
    Singer: Savage Genius

    Link for the romaji lyrics:

    Link for the song:

    I can wait for the translations! ^^ A lot of thanks! =D

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