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How To

This should be under FAQ…but, it’s okay. This is a How To guide…in simple terms, the Guide to How To Use Lyrislations.


Just move your cursor around. We have drop down menus for…almost all the tabs so just go crazy and watch the menus branch out and branch out and brach out and…it stopped? Well, if it stopped, it either means:

  1. You’ve reached the end of the section!!
  2. Your internet is currently lagging. It might or might not load~



  • The Welcome page for people new to Lyrislations.
  • Also shows the newest posts.
  • Also has a short message to inform you of any features being added in the future and  if the site is under construction or not.

About & Admin

  • (Admin Pages) Shows details of the Admins. Also their ranting corner.
  • (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions. Even though we rarely get any, we just fake questions 8D
  • (How To) This guide you are reading right now.


  • For you to request for a song translation etcetera.
  • Shows whether requests are open or not.

Song Lyrics

  • Shows the archive of Song Lyrics. Choose from a (not very varied) variety of artist, animes, games etcetera.
  • Click on the graphic buttons with words to continue. (E.g. To go to the ‘Anime’ section, click on that button that says ‘Anime’)


  • Shows the current status of the site.
  • Any plans for future updates AND updates will be found here.
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