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What is Lyrislations?

As we have said, Lyrislations is a (fail) lyrics and translation site.

How often do you guys update Lyrislations?
Whenever we feel like it.

How do I navigate around the site?
Use your mouse. The menu is on top, just scroll over and there’ll be a drop down menu for you to choose a category from. It’s pretty straightforward so you SHOULD understand…

How do I read the format of this site?
I’m sure it’s rather obvious. The lyrics are in black and the translations are in color (color differ for various admins) There will also be an embedded Youtube video at the top for you to listen to the song.

Do you translate everything?
For Jpop, Mios translates everything. For Kpop, since both don’t know much Korean, they don’t.

How much Japanese/Korean do you know?
For Japanese, Mios has learnt Japanese for a year and a half and occasionally needs to refer to her handy Japanese dictionary for more complicated words.
For Korean,  we don’t really translate it but Zuruzy picked up a few words and phrases through watching Korean shows.

OMGWTFBBQ Your lyrics/translations are wrong!!!
We are not perfect people and we DO make mistakes, be it a typo or a completely wrong translation. In the case that it happens, please drop a comment or an email to an admin and explain the mistake.
We tend to check our lyrics and translations before posting it up but there might be times when we are in a rush and miss out something.

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