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Admin – Zuruzy

This is Zuruzy’s page
Anyways, Well i am the second author, well technically the co-author. Since i shall not tell you my name, i will go under the alias of Zuruzy. (What sort of name is that? Well i don’t know either. Actually, i do, but you wouldn’t understand even if i explain it so…) Anyways, i am in charge of SHINee songs and other random korean songs that the other author doesn’t know of.
When i say i’m in charge, i mean i forced her not to do SHINee songs.^^
Haha just kidding.(Well, not really.)

Name: Zuruzy ( Not my real name of course)

Status: Shawol
Admin of Lyrislations
–>In charge of Kpop.

My existence came about in : 15th December 1996( 7 years one day after Onew.) Oh wow i’m weird.

Favourite Food: Chocolate, Sweets, Cake, Chicken!(Yes i’m a chicken mania), Chips, Fried foods.

Likes: SHINee, Kpop , Dancing, Comedy, SLEEP.
(Thats it? yeah, i don’t have much of a life. ^^ )

Dislikes: Work. Work. Work.

Extra: Visit my DeviantArt account here!

Will update when i have more to say~

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