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Admin – YooNee’T’

Mios: Kay, YooNee’T’ is our helpful guide to…uh…fandubbing stuff once we officially change this site into…something else (Check Updates!) YooNee’T’ is an unofficial duet group, with the awesome people, Moo and Yoo.

PS: Nope, they don’t have WordPress accounts, but they sent me stuff through emails.

Visit their Youtube Account HERE

Moo: Hi all. Um, we’re not exactly admins, but still, thank you Mios for giving us this little corner to rant and all…um…okay, I don’t really know what to do, so I’m just going to copy Zuruzy’s format a little.

Name: Just call me ‘Moo’ for now~

Status: Uh, not a Shawol, but I don’t mind fangirls (unless it goes way overboard then…….)

Title: (Unofficial) Nice Unnie

Birthday: July 20th

Star Sign: Cancer

Age: (as of 2010) 15

Likes: Um…singing (Even though I’m not good at it…), listening to music, sleeping

Dislikes: Untidiness, tubes/mini skirts

Yoo:  Sigh, I wanted my colour to be white, then i realised….yeah, not a good idea. Then i thought of yellow, and i met with the same problem… Everyone already took up the other few colours i liked. WELL SO ORANGE IT IS. Apparently, it makes people feel fresh so, well, good for you. ( Like how smiley faces make hate comments look nice)

About me…i don’t really like to tell stuff to people i don’t know but here i go anyways ^^. You may ask “What kind of people name themselves Yoo and Moo?” Well watch Hello Baby, is what i would say.

12th April is the day i celebrate every year. ( Oh hey 4 days after Jonghyun~)

Chocolate is what i eat everyday. Unless there is no more chocolate.

I’m a Shawol. And proud of being one too. ^^

I really want to see these guys live, but that dream’s not gonna come true anytime soon i guess.

But um..yeah I usually talk about anything and somehow it’ll lead to SHINee ^^

Likes: Well, of course, SHINee. Shawol humour, man i lol almost every time i read a Shawol’s comment.

( there anything else? ) Doing what i like.

Dancing and singing are on the top as well ^^ I’m no good at it(as you can see from fail covers), but who said i had to be  . Well working hard right now to improve and hopefully i can carve something out of it.

Dislikes: Stuff like being pushed around, being told I’m wrong, etc.

Well, so thats about it. And don’t blame me for writing a LOT more then Moo. Blame her for writing too little ^^

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