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Admin – Mios

Hi. I am a human from Earth. I seriously don’t have any idea why I’m doing this or what I am even doing in the first place. Well, first things first. I am Mios. I dropped from the sky in July many many years back. If I owe you money, you can take a plane to Singapore and hang pig heads at the door (common way for Loan Sharks to get their money back) of every house you see to remind me to pay back whatever I owe. If I mysteriously do not reply even when you do that, you can send me an email: If for some weird reason I still do not reply, sorry, can’t help you.
In case you don’t know, I only type in English (and sometimes in Japanese) even though I am neither English nor Japanese. If you do not understand, please copy and paste this into a online translator so that you can translate this into your preferred language. If you do not understand what I’m typing, do exactly what is said above. If you are blind and cannot read, I’m sorry, I cannot help you because I don’t read braille.
(PS feel free to type in formal/informal/sacarstic/lame/stupid languages. As long as I understand what you’re typing it’s fine. But then again, online translators are not 100% accurate.)


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