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Hello by SHINee (Japanese)

by on 16 May, 2011

I swear, SM’s standards for Japanese lyrics are way below standard.

Dear SM’s Japanese lyricist, please resign. NOW.

Other than that, the pronunciation is awesome.

Ironna kimi ga shiritaku naru yo asette kodou ga haneteru
Odokete otagai gomakasa nai de sorosoro koi wo hajimeyo

I want to know every aspect of you; My heart jumps impatiently
Let’s stop deceiving each other and begin our love soon

Honshin ga shiritai jama sun na koi moyou
Kawasou koko de kisu sukoshi tereru kedo

I want to know your true feelings; don’t disrupt the shaping of our love
Let’s kiss here despite our slight awkwardness

HELLO HELLO [Key] nando mo iu SAY HELLO
HELLO HELLO [Onew] chanto kocchi wo mite
HELLO HELLO [Jonghyun] negai ga kanau nara
Who knows, I know, you know [Taemin] dakishimetai

Hello Hello, no matter how often I say Hello
Hello Hello, look here properly
Hello Hello, if my wish would come true
Who knows, I know, you know, I want to embrace you 

Mada dare mo shiranai tomodachi sae shiranai
Demo kimi to boku dake shitteru
Dokidoki shite tomadou
Kore ijou kakusenai yo demo muri da yo yeah

No one knows yet; even friends don’t know
But only you and I know
My beating heart is bewildering
It’s impossible to hide this anymore yeah 

Apuriochi ageku kotae wa YES ka NO
Sekai wa bokura ga meguriaeta koto wo

When I finally approach you, will the answer be yes or no?
The two of us met on this world by chance

HELLO HELLO [Jonghyun] nan do mo iu SAY HELLO
HELLO HELLO [Key] chanto kocchi wo mi te
HELLO HELLO [Taemin] negai ga kanau nara
Who knows, I know, you know [Jonghyun] Oh yeah~

Hello Hello, no matter how often I say Hello
Hello Hello, look here properly
Hello Hello, if my wish would come true
Who knows, I know, you know, oh yeah

Choudo ii ne se no taka sa mo koushite mukiau to
aruku haya sa wa kimi ni awaseyo [Jonghyun] boku no hou kara

Our heights match so well when we face each other
And my steps match with yours as we walk together 

HELLO HELLO [Minho] yuuki dashite SAY HELLO
HELLO HELLO [Key] Ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl
HELLO HELLO [Jonghyun] Bokura no aikotoba
Who knows, I know, you know

Hello Hello, I brought up the courage to say Hello
Hello Hello, ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl
Hello Hello, our password
Who knows, I know, you know 

[Minho] (rap)
Hello korette unmei da shi dakara motto negai doori
Fuan wa iranai Cry No More
Koko kara sagasun ja nai mirai datte
Yowaki ja dame Never Let You Go
Kimi ga iru nara kitto motto
Who knows koi ga hora

Hello our destinies are intertwined
We don’t need this insecurity, Cry No More 
From now on, we don’t need to search for the future
Don’t be timid, I’ll Never Let You Go
If you’re there, there will definitely be more
Who knows, love started

HELLO HELLO [Key] Oh yeah~
HELLO HELLO [Onew] Nee kikoerun da yo
HELLO HELLO [Jonghyun] Kono kokoro ga sawagu oto
Who knows koi ga hora [Onew] ugokidashita

Hello Hello, oh yeah
Hello Hello, hey, can you hear?
Hello Hello, the sound of this heart 
Who knows, love started going 


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  1. blueshinee permalink

    Thanks for sharing^^
    can I copy this?? *hope*

    • Mios permalink

      You may use it but remember to credit Lyrislations if you do. ^_^

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