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Song of Trust (Japanese version)

by on 22 July, 2010

This is the romanization of the lyrics to the Song of Trust in Rune Factory: Frontier. This song is also commonly known as the Grimoire Song. It is sung by all the heroines of Rune Factory: Frontier.

Sora wo kanjite kaze ni inori
Hikari no saki e uta wo okuru no
Kioku no naka de sagashimotometeku

I can feel the sky as I pray to the wind
I send a song to the destination of the light
As I search through my memories

Tada anata yuku ate mo nakushi tadoritsuita no
Kokoro no naka ni wa itsumo anata ga iruyo
Sou koko ni wa omoi ga aru ai wo shinjiru koto
Nee kawaranai ano egao zutto soba ni iru mitsumeteruyo

You just went and arrived without purpose
You always exist in my heart
Yes, there are feelings here because I believe in love
Hey, that unchanging smile will forever be by my side

Sono yasashii hitomi tsutsumikonde
Kokoro no naka ni mebaeta
Atatakai nukumori wo anata dake ni ima

I’ll embrace those gentle eyes
That sprouted in my heart
This warm warmth that you have given me just now


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