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You Are My Love by Yui Makino

by on 26 June, 2010

This song is from Tsubasa Chronicles and one of the first (well, actually the very first) japanese song I’ve ever heard.

Ame ni nureta hoho wa namida no nioi ga shita
Yasashii manazashi no tabibito

My rain soaked cheeks bears the smell of tears
The gentle gazes of travellers

Shizuka ni hibiiteru natsukashii ongaku
Omoi dasenai kioku samayou

I can hear a quiet echo of a nostalgic melody
Calculating my feelings as my memory wanders

Yume wa tobidatsu no chiisana tsubasa de
Omoi no kienai basho made futari de
Tooi umi wo sora wo koete

With the little wings that my dreams flew on
To a place where our feelings won’t disappear; the two of us
can fly over wide seas and skies

Kurai yoru no naka de watashi wo terashiteru
Yasashii manazashi no anata ni aitai

In the gloomy night, I lit it up
I want to see your gentle gaze


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