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Welcome to Lyrislations!

by on 26 June, 2010

Welcome to Lyrislations, one of the not-the-very-best translation sites around. We are your hosts (also known as admin), Mios and Zuruzy at your service (not really).

Navigation is simple and direct. Simply click on the tabs above or leave a comment on any page or post. The admin (also known as the hosts) will get back to you shortly.

Mios: Kon’nichiwa. This is Lyrislations and I am one of the admin and founders. Please address me as ‘Mios’. If you wish to call me something else, go ahead, as long as I understand that you are calling me, everything is fine. I am not a sacarstic person, really. For more information about me, click on the ‘About’ tab. Do not ask me why I do not have my own page even though the co-admin does. Do not ask why I only do Japanese songs. Do not ask why I am sacarstic (I am not). Do not ask why I do not paragraph my ‘speeches’. Do not. Thank you.

♣Zuruzy♣: Annyoung/Hello/S’up/Hi(Pick one^^) Yeah i used the informal term of hi. Well i type informally here all the time… so…
Well anyways, i am Zuruzy, the co-admin of Lyrislations.To find out about me, click the ‘Zuruzy’s p
age‘ tab at the top.
Obviously(or not), i am in charge of Kpop songs. Please advertise to your friends about this web once you
have seen it. Pleases request so that we can update this with songs people actually want^^
We need to know who’s been here~


We have recruited YooNee’T’ to help us sing the duet versions of songs because my duets are difficult to comprehend.
Their page is there, under the ‘About & Admin’ section. Click on it to find out about them. Can’t be bothered to? Well that’s your problem.

To figure out how to navigate, move your cursor to the ‘About & Admin’ and click ‘How To’. Then read. That’s all.


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